Saturday, 28 July 2012

London Summer Olympics 2012


Hello Everyone!
How are you all?
Well I hope!

So as you all know the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games have commenced!

The Opening Ceremony was fantastic, Danny Boyle indeed created a masterpiece and Queen Elizabeth II parachuted out of helicopter with Mr Bond himself!
Mr Bean Ran a marathon in Chariots of Fire, And Voldemort was defeated by Mary Poppins...
Yes this is England,
and This is Our Humour, Our Beauty and Our Country. 
I hope you're all going to enjoy the Olympic Games, Like most I understand the Majority of You will Indeed be rooting for Team USA!
I am also rooting for Team USA but overall Team GB will be the winners for me, weather or not they walk away with a medal of any sort.
Though one thing I do disagree on are the Team GB Opening Ceremony Tracksuits... Stella McCartney really did an awfull Job! Just My Opinion.

Now I love the Olympics, I watch it every Four years, no matter what.
Does anyone reading this Love it also?
Theres nothing better than to sit back, drinking a nice cup of tea, watching athletes hurdle there way to the finishing line, knowing full well that they worked the majority of their lives for these moments, they do not get the recognition they deserve If i say so myself, No matter who comes in first, second, third or last, somewhere in their heart they smile at the accomplishment they have made, knowing they were are always will be good enough to share their talent with the ENTIRE world. Just as much as anyone else does!

With the world at war, as always, unfortunatly. We come together as one at this time, we forget, we celebrate in the only way we can, and we inspire.

The World is One.
The World is Peace.


Thankyou all for reading.

I less than three you all.

And for my QOTD

"You are all geniuses, and you are all beautiful. You don't need anyone to tell you who you are. You are what you are. Get out there and get peace, think peace, live peace, and breathe peace, and you'll get it as soon as you like." - John Winston Ono Lennon

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