Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Well Hello There!!!

It has been a while I realise, and I do apologise for that, How is everyone today? and actually how have you all been since last time?

Todays post is about the animals, As you all know I have the lovely Rasta Bog Brush, But I do have 'Little Ted' now also (Yellow Crowned Amazon) Parrot! He's pretty cool! and soon we will be joined by Dexter (new puppy dog).

Jasper 'Rasta Bog Brush'
  So of course we have Jasper 'rasta bog brush', the crazy as a fool Bichon! He's just the most beautiful little chap! Really he is! He snuggles into me to keep me warm most day, others he just..well.. tries to have relations with my dressing gown! (I'll never understand it). He will be 2 soon, very very soon, so 14 in his years..he's catching up to me! He still has not changed, lovely little furry animal!

Little Ted
  And now we have Little Ted, the Amazonian yellow crown! He's been here since he was tiny, he's lovely, well.. with others atleast, You see we do not see eye to eye, no really, Im way taller than the cage! If i sit beside him watching TV he will litterally stick his little glaws through the cage and pull my hair, he tries to eat it! little monster!, He only likes me when I provide him with delicious fruit and vegetables and his special treat of a tiny corner of Toast! His Vocabulary consists of: *Hello Ted *Hello there *Hello *DYLANNNNNNNNNNNN (to mine and my mothers voice perfectly) *Laughter (My Dads, he sounds an awfull lot like scooby doo..now Ted does too) *Peek-a-boo (worst thing I ever taught him, It is funny though) and the new as of today *JASPER although he does actually perfectly mimic the Home Phone tone, and Jaspers bark. He does these so perfectly that we offen tell Jasper he's naughty for Barking, to which ted will laugh, and to the point with the Home phone Tone that my mother ran down the stairs so fast she almost broke her neck thinking someone was calling... And he's not even a year old yet... thats the worrying part! o_O.
Dexter at One week
Dexter at three weeks

Dexter at Four weeks
 And the soon to be intorduced Dexter, I have a feeling that Jasper may get a tad irritated by his arrival but Jasper is my baby and he will still get all the love and care in the world, he may even enjoy Dexter after a while, a new play buddy! Dexter is only a few weeks old, He is a cross between a Bichon and a Shih tzu... he's cute! It will be a while before we get him, we dont want to pull him away from him mother and father fast I find that wrong to whoever does it! they need to learn manerisms!

I do hope you enjoyed this blog, my home is half way to a zoo! Maybe next year we'll have MeerKats and Elaphants, Even the odd Girraf!
I'll keep you posted on that one! lol.
I less than three you all <3

Quote of the day: "The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too." ~Samuel Butler     

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