Monday, 12 December 2011

Cracked Open.

Hello Everyone,

How are you all? well I do hope!

So I moved away to go live with my Uncle, and Things did not work out as planned, but hey what does?

I went away a little broken and came back home with a crack in my heart and a broken mind.

So Starting out and living a 'new' life was lovely, I got to see my family alot (my fathers side) and actually became a better person in the process too!
My grandad is one of the most important people in my life and I will cherish the time I got to spend with him while I was there, but sometimes you see a side to people you never knew exsisted untill you live with or around them, and my mind couldnt take it anymore.
Mind games and heartbreak take place in everyones life, but I nevr expected my family to be the ones to do it, some people are born with poisen in their blood, and I found that out the hard way.
I lost alot of respect for people in my family, with the exception of my Grandfather who is and will remain one of the most amazing and beautifull people in my life.

So I moved back home to my mothers house, and I realised just how much I appreciate her and missed my family!

I also realised just how much I love my little 'Rasta Bog Brush' My little man! The most important guy in the world :)!
Well He is first with my nephews and my amazing..uhm..boyfriend.. yes I'll say boyfriend for now! =)

He saved me alot the past few months, If it weren't for him I dont know where I would be right now, He loves me unconditionally and always will, He is my best friend and a beautifully amazing human being! I do not talk about him as I like to keep some of my life personal but I will say I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have found him! I have mentioned him before as you may have read in a past blog post about the beautifull jamie who introduced me to my wonderfull friends via spencer bell and his legacy! So really it is through Her that I met such a beautifull person who came along and saved me also!
I have alot to thank Jamie for and will never forget it either!

Also, I had news back about my health! and after almost 3 years now literally, I found a few homes truths out, some of which I admitted to because I knew it was a problem, and also the biggest thing, the pain, its in my spine, I have to have physio therapy on my back, spine and shoulders to help me!

Life still has me on my toes!

I hope you are all very well!

I Less than three you all! <3


  1. Zara Girl, you have been on quite a journey! I am so glad your love has been with you to support you through it all, and of course, your amazing GrandFather.
    So on the health front, your back is giving you problems more than the ovaries? Oh Honey, I know, if it is not one thing, it seems like another!
    Glad you are home and safe.
    Blessings! Mizz T. p.s....Happy Christmas!

  2. Sara, Prayers that your therapy will deliver relief from your pain. So sorry your family members let you down. The people in our lives will sometimes hurt and disappoint us. Remember, God loves you and will never forsake you. So thankful that your grandfather still has your love and respect. I'm sure your mom is happy to have you home again. Happy for you that you have a supportive boyfriend. Have thought about you and wondered how you were doing. Thanks for bringing us up to date.