Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Big Update!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?
well i do hope!

So it has indeed been a while has it not?

Well, I am here to update you all on what has happened lately,

Ok, So I begin with the Rioting within the United Kingdom.
Several districts of London and Greater Manchester, Merseyside the West Midlands, Bristol and several localised areas of other cities and towns, actually including my northern home were severly destroyed and vadalised, people were mugged, assaulted, murderd, injured.

The rate now I believe is,
5 deaths
16+ civilian injuries
186 police injuries

All of this, because a Young 'innocent' man was shot and killed by police, after entering a London Taxi with a Gun in possession.
His family and friends held a silent peacefull protest in remembrance of the young man, and all lunacy broke out within different citys throughout the UK.

My heart, sould and prayers go to the young mans family and friends.
But I do wonder, if the man was so innocent then why was he infact carrying a loaded Gun?
Please dont think i am bashing anyone, or speaking ill of the dead, as i do believe what the police has done is unlawfull, and it is the second time they have killed innocence, in the past 6 years.
I just wonder why he was carrying it in any case.
I will forever be baffled as to this.

In other news, I am moving house, to My uncles home not too far away but enough away to begin a new life,
I am 21 years old, and please dont get me wrong when i say this, because i say with a heart full of love, that since the age of 13 i have raised my newphew, i love him, i am blessed he is a wonderfull boy, but he is not my child, and i feel now it time to grow out of this stage and turn over a new leaf, get my own life, and live.

My Granparents, 61 and 68 years old were beaten.. yes actually beaten, By a 16 year old thug GIRL! who actually is the daughter of my Fathers former Girlfriend.
The girl shoved my Grandma (61) so hard she fell backwards into her linen cupboard and how has her right arm
and right hip coverd in bruises, my dad come to her defence, and my Grandad (68) who has a pace maker inserted, severe diabetes and other illness's come down stairs wondering what was going on, the girl then tried to attack him also, but he caught her arms mid air and restrained her, not hurting her, just protecting himself and my grandma from further attack, to then have her mother, headbut my grandfather in the side of his head so hard his glasses fell off and he has a very large un believable bruise on his temple!
other things happend, which I wont talk about, but everything will be sorted out hopefully.

And... its the six weeks holiday here for the children,though theyll be back to school in a matter of weeks! which i have to admit i am glad for! haha.

The pains returned recently, really badly too, iv lost sleeping pattern, and alot of sleep through it, I have have the mother of all colds, my nose should sign up for the olympics.. it would outrun any athlete, and my back hurts so much from coughing. so everything is happening at once.
I am however still awaiting he actual appointent for the camera down my throat.

I less than three you all <3


  1. Wow, Sara! So much going on in your country, family and personal life. I pray your grandparents are on the mend from their awful experience and that your cold symptoms will soon be a thing of the past. Prayers also for your medical tests appointment to arrive soon! Can't believe you are still waiting for this!!! I hope you enjoy your "new life" with your new living arrangements. Trust the Lord in all things! God bless you!

  2. What a big huge sack of yuck!!! What a hodge-podge of NO-NO-NO!!!!!
    I wish I could make it all better. I hope your grandparents are doing better. That is disgraceful and I hope that girl AND her mother are both in jail!
    Prayers for all that you are facing. Tons of love and always support! Had tea in my mug this morning. When I use it, when it is in my hands, God reminds me to pray for you Zara-Girl!
    Blessings on the new move! That is good! Congrats!Love ya, Tonzya....