Saturday, 25 January 2014

One day I will change the world.

 One day I will change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but even just a tiny bit of it, I'm sure. And I will not be alone in doing that. Because with the love of my family, and friends I will become the person I know I am meant to become.

 In life it was not the intention of the gods for us to ignore, or even be ignorant to our surroundings. It was neither the intention that we laugh at others misfortunes, to bully others for their choice in religion, or even their choice in clothing. It is to acknowledge the many beautiful and creative ethnicities that have been founded, created and carried on by such wonderful, intelligent and inspiring people.

 I for one, am not a religious person, by choice of my own, I choose to believe in the faith of different religions, from which all of them have an inspiring, beautiful, excellent truth.

 As I grow up, I notice my surroundings more and more, the downfalls of others, and even the highs one can raise too. I grow to believe that not one single person is talentless, to me, everyone has a talent, it may not be recognised, or be as "profound" as others, but everyone has something in them that picturises themselves, and their own surroundings.

We all come from a different walk of life, that's why we need to explore the world and the universe daily. To learn from others, to help others, and to give to others what was handed down to us. To hopefully share, in peace, the differences that we all go through on a day to day basis,  the differences that we learn from, and to help each other learn from theirs.

I for one would encourage, every single person if possible, to explore your surroundings more, be aware, and grateful for what you have, and never, under any circumstance, take for granted the luck, joy, love and respect that another can bestow upon you.

Everyday I take into consideration, that not everyone is as fortunate as others. I am not as fortunate to have the life I would like, but that has been a great deal of help in my life, to learn to respect and value the life that was created for me, and the life of my friends, and many others I have met in such a short twenty odd years, I learn from the questions I ask myself and others. A great deal of history, science and also literature. Music, art, television too.

Don't take for granted the path that you walk in life, be grateful of even the dreadful sight of your hair when you woke up today, or the sound of your alarm clock in the early hours, the feeling of that soggy food that attached itself to your finger tips while washing dishes and the shoes and clothes that no longer fit because you've out grown them. Because you were given one more chance, a chance to wake up to another day, to breath, to see, to smell to touch and to grow.

Use the days you have to become the person you know and deserve to be, the person you know you can become. Don't ever let someone tell you that you can't do this, or that your not good enough to do that, or that you will amount to nothing. Just be you. Because not everyone in this world has that opportunity, their not given a second chance, they fight everyday to survive just like we all do, but they're not as fortunate as every other person!

Saying all of that, I also see the horror on the evening news and I hear of the awful things that a person does, but please don't make the same mistakes that others do, don't judge others for the actions of one person, because we may not all look the same, or believe in the same things, and we may not always agree with the actions or words of another person! But that doesn't mean we're not the same, we all have a heart that beats, and a brain that functions. So use it while you still have the chance, and use it wisely.

Open your heart and Open your mind.

Only raise your hands and your voice if you believe that what your about to say and do is what your willing to stand by, for the rest of your life.

Be careful of what you say of others, as it reflects on your own self.

Be careful of how you treat others on the way up, because you'll meet them on the way back down.

Respect one another, listen to one another and care for one another.

If your reading this you still have that chance. Be wise with the time you have left, you never know what's around the corner, live life to the fullest, don't treat every day as if it's your last, but as if it's your first, because that is when you are at your purest!

Hope for change.
Make a difference.
Live your life.
Have faith.

And most of all,
Be the person you know you can be, because your still have that chance.

There is no plan B.

Sara H.

Monday, 31 December 2012

All the Best for 2013

To everyone reading this, I wish you all Tranquility, Love, Peace, Kindness, Happiness, Success, Joy, Laughter, Hope, Faith, and most of all over everything Health, We need health to make us feel it all!

I hope you all endure what is above in the new year and the years to come!

I less than three you all!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2013!!! 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

London Summer Olympics 2012


Hello Everyone!
How are you all?
Well I hope!

So as you all know the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games have commenced!

The Opening Ceremony was fantastic, Danny Boyle indeed created a masterpiece and Queen Elizabeth II parachuted out of helicopter with Mr Bond himself!
Mr Bean Ran a marathon in Chariots of Fire, And Voldemort was defeated by Mary Poppins...
Yes this is England,
and This is Our Humour, Our Beauty and Our Country. 
I hope you're all going to enjoy the Olympic Games, Like most I understand the Majority of You will Indeed be rooting for Team USA!
I am also rooting for Team USA but overall Team GB will be the winners for me, weather or not they walk away with a medal of any sort.
Though one thing I do disagree on are the Team GB Opening Ceremony Tracksuits... Stella McCartney really did an awfull Job! Just My Opinion.

Now I love the Olympics, I watch it every Four years, no matter what.
Does anyone reading this Love it also?
Theres nothing better than to sit back, drinking a nice cup of tea, watching athletes hurdle there way to the finishing line, knowing full well that they worked the majority of their lives for these moments, they do not get the recognition they deserve If i say so myself, No matter who comes in first, second, third or last, somewhere in their heart they smile at the accomplishment they have made, knowing they were are always will be good enough to share their talent with the ENTIRE world. Just as much as anyone else does!

With the world at war, as always, unfortunatly. We come together as one at this time, we forget, we celebrate in the only way we can, and we inspire.

The World is One.
The World is Peace.


Thankyou all for reading.

I less than three you all.

And for my QOTD

"You are all geniuses, and you are all beautiful. You don't need anyone to tell you who you are. You are what you are. Get out there and get peace, think peace, live peace, and breathe peace, and you'll get it as soon as you like." - John Winston Ono Lennon

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Well Hello There!!!

It has been a while I realise, and I do apologise for that, How is everyone today? and actually how have you all been since last time?

Todays post is about the animals, As you all know I have the lovely Rasta Bog Brush, But I do have 'Little Ted' now also (Yellow Crowned Amazon) Parrot! He's pretty cool! and soon we will be joined by Dexter (new puppy dog).

Jasper 'Rasta Bog Brush'
  So of course we have Jasper 'rasta bog brush', the crazy as a fool Bichon! He's just the most beautiful little chap! Really he is! He snuggles into me to keep me warm most day, others he just..well.. tries to have relations with my dressing gown! (I'll never understand it). He will be 2 soon, very very soon, so 14 in his years..he's catching up to me! He still has not changed, lovely little furry animal!

Little Ted
  And now we have Little Ted, the Amazonian yellow crown! He's been here since he was tiny, he's lovely, well.. with others atleast, You see we do not see eye to eye, no really, Im way taller than the cage! If i sit beside him watching TV he will litterally stick his little glaws through the cage and pull my hair, he tries to eat it! little monster!, He only likes me when I provide him with delicious fruit and vegetables and his special treat of a tiny corner of Toast! His Vocabulary consists of: *Hello Ted *Hello there *Hello *DYLANNNNNNNNNNNN (to mine and my mothers voice perfectly) *Laughter (My Dads, he sounds an awfull lot like scooby Ted does too) *Peek-a-boo (worst thing I ever taught him, It is funny though) and the new as of today *JASPER although he does actually perfectly mimic the Home Phone tone, and Jaspers bark. He does these so perfectly that we offen tell Jasper he's naughty for Barking, to which ted will laugh, and to the point with the Home phone Tone that my mother ran down the stairs so fast she almost broke her neck thinking someone was calling... And he's not even a year old yet... thats the worrying part! o_O.
Dexter at One week
Dexter at three weeks

Dexter at Four weeks
 And the soon to be intorduced Dexter, I have a feeling that Jasper may get a tad irritated by his arrival but Jasper is my baby and he will still get all the love and care in the world, he may even enjoy Dexter after a while, a new play buddy! Dexter is only a few weeks old, He is a cross between a Bichon and a Shih tzu... he's cute! It will be a while before we get him, we dont want to pull him away from him mother and father fast I find that wrong to whoever does it! they need to learn manerisms!

I do hope you enjoyed this blog, my home is half way to a zoo! Maybe next year we'll have MeerKats and Elaphants, Even the odd Girraf!
I'll keep you posted on that one! lol.
I less than three you all <3

Quote of the day: "The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too." ~Samuel Butler     

Monday, 12 December 2011

Cracked Open.

Hello Everyone,

How are you all? well I do hope!

So I moved away to go live with my Uncle, and Things did not work out as planned, but hey what does?

I went away a little broken and came back home with a crack in my heart and a broken mind.

So Starting out and living a 'new' life was lovely, I got to see my family alot (my fathers side) and actually became a better person in the process too!
My grandad is one of the most important people in my life and I will cherish the time I got to spend with him while I was there, but sometimes you see a side to people you never knew exsisted untill you live with or around them, and my mind couldnt take it anymore.
Mind games and heartbreak take place in everyones life, but I nevr expected my family to be the ones to do it, some people are born with poisen in their blood, and I found that out the hard way.
I lost alot of respect for people in my family, with the exception of my Grandfather who is and will remain one of the most amazing and beautifull people in my life.

So I moved back home to my mothers house, and I realised just how much I appreciate her and missed my family!

I also realised just how much I love my little 'Rasta Bog Brush' My little man! The most important guy in the world :)!
Well He is first with my nephews and my amazing..uhm..boyfriend.. yes I'll say boyfriend for now! =)

He saved me alot the past few months, If it weren't for him I dont know where I would be right now, He loves me unconditionally and always will, He is my best friend and a beautifully amazing human being! I do not talk about him as I like to keep some of my life personal but I will say I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have found him! I have mentioned him before as you may have read in a past blog post about the beautifull jamie who introduced me to my wonderfull friends via spencer bell and his legacy! So really it is through Her that I met such a beautifull person who came along and saved me also!
I have alot to thank Jamie for and will never forget it either!

Also, I had news back about my health! and after almost 3 years now literally, I found a few homes truths out, some of which I admitted to because I knew it was a problem, and also the biggest thing, the pain, its in my spine, I have to have physio therapy on my back, spine and shoulders to help me!

Life still has me on my toes!

I hope you are all very well!

I Less than three you all! <3

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Big Update!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?
well i do hope!

So it has indeed been a while has it not?

Well, I am here to update you all on what has happened lately,

Ok, So I begin with the Rioting within the United Kingdom.
Several districts of London and Greater Manchester, Merseyside the West Midlands, Bristol and several localised areas of other cities and towns, actually including my northern home were severly destroyed and vadalised, people were mugged, assaulted, murderd, injured.

The rate now I believe is,
5 deaths
16+ civilian injuries
186 police injuries

All of this, because a Young 'innocent' man was shot and killed by police, after entering a London Taxi with a Gun in possession.
His family and friends held a silent peacefull protest in remembrance of the young man, and all lunacy broke out within different citys throughout the UK.

My heart, sould and prayers go to the young mans family and friends.
But I do wonder, if the man was so innocent then why was he infact carrying a loaded Gun?
Please dont think i am bashing anyone, or speaking ill of the dead, as i do believe what the police has done is unlawfull, and it is the second time they have killed innocence, in the past 6 years.
I just wonder why he was carrying it in any case.
I will forever be baffled as to this.

In other news, I am moving house, to My uncles home not too far away but enough away to begin a new life,
I am 21 years old, and please dont get me wrong when i say this, because i say with a heart full of love, that since the age of 13 i have raised my newphew, i love him, i am blessed he is a wonderfull boy, but he is not my child, and i feel now it time to grow out of this stage and turn over a new leaf, get my own life, and live.

My Granparents, 61 and 68 years old were beaten.. yes actually beaten, By a 16 year old thug GIRL! who actually is the daughter of my Fathers former Girlfriend.
The girl shoved my Grandma (61) so hard she fell backwards into her linen cupboard and how has her right arm
and right hip coverd in bruises, my dad come to her defence, and my Grandad (68) who has a pace maker inserted, severe diabetes and other illness's come down stairs wondering what was going on, the girl then tried to attack him also, but he caught her arms mid air and restrained her, not hurting her, just protecting himself and my grandma from further attack, to then have her mother, headbut my grandfather in the side of his head so hard his glasses fell off and he has a very large un believable bruise on his temple!
other things happend, which I wont talk about, but everything will be sorted out hopefully.

And... its the six weeks holiday here for the children,though theyll be back to school in a matter of weeks! which i have to admit i am glad for! haha.

The pains returned recently, really badly too, iv lost sleeping pattern, and alot of sleep through it, I have have the mother of all colds, my nose should sign up for the olympics.. it would outrun any athlete, and my back hurts so much from coughing. so everything is happening at once.
I am however still awaiting he actual appointent for the camera down my throat.

I less than three you all <3

Thursday, 7 July 2011

WE HAVE A DIAGNOSIS!! and also one VERY angry Sara!

Hello everybody
I hope you are all well!

So yes.. the post that caught your eye.. is infact true! (or atleast i hope its just that)

So as I mentioned in my last blog post, I had a Doctors appointment on Monday.
Well I was quite in pain on sunday and sunday night so I never got alot of sleep, and woke up at 9:30am...
20 minutes AFTER my actual appointment!!
So I called the doctor instead and had tohave an over the telephone appointment with her, I initially called up because my infection
returned YET AGAIN!!! and I needed the Anti-biotics, so as I was requesting the Tablets, She asked if i had been in anymore pain recently,
to which I responded yes.. and it has been THE worst pain i have ever had with whatever the Problem is.
To which she (quite suprisingly) replied
"I dont think its the infection causing you pain sara, I think its the Cyst..."
Completely baffled and utterly confused I said it did not have a Cyst...
which I knew NOTHING of at all.
She told me I DO infact have a Cyst, and its on my Left Ovary and it is 3-4cm big.
I actually argued with her about it, because I have never heard anything of a Cyst,
the only Cyst i have ever had was on my face when I was 6-9 years old, and it was almost 6-7cm and caused me severe pain for 3 years.

Apparently she found out about the Cyst THE day I had my scan, two months ago.
The Ultrasound technitian however, DID NOT mention anything of that to ME.
She told me and I quote "It is just small bubbles inside your ovarys that pop and bleed" and that explained the popping I can feel in my stomach area.

So infact I do have a 3-4cm Cyst on my left ovary, one which doctors FAILED to tell me about.
That is the second time the National Health Service has FAILED me now.

First I went over a year and a half with an infection all because they never asked for the ONE thing they are meant to ask for first.. a water sample.

Second being the Cyst of this size that is in my left Ovary.

I am extremely angry with the NHS for the Failure to do their job.
Tunnel vision is all they have, and it is for one thing only, their PAYCHECK.
Nobody's health is a matter to them anymore.
It upsets me that I am on the recieving end of this, all of this Pain and Discomfort over the past two years, Could have been sorted out.

No all I know is that I have to wait for a letter from the hospital to go back in for yet another Scan, and find out from there what will happen hopefully.

Angry and Upset and just not aprecciative of the NHS and their staff.

I will keep you updated on what happens next.

I less than three you all <3